Story time教学目标

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Unit1 Cinderella 第一课时

教学内容:Story time 教学目标:

1. 在整体理解的基础上听懂、会说、会读故事中出现的词汇:prince, fairy, why, because, clothes, let, put on, before, have to, try on, fit 2. 基于故事听懂、会说、会读、会写句型:Why…? Because …?并理解句型的意思;

3. 能够听懂、会说、会读日常用语:Come and help me… Let me help you. I have to …

4. 能较流利有感情地朗读故事。


1在听故事的过程中理解词汇及句型Why…? Because …?




1. Why? Because … 句型教师可充分利用生活实际和文本帮助学生理解


Step1 Free talk T: Do you like reading storybooks? What storybooks? Do you like ? Why?

Step2 Presentation a. Present the title Today we’ll read a story. See, the handsome man is a prince. The pretty girl is Cinderella. (present the title) b. Try to say T: I think you all know this story. Can you say something about the story. party can’t go …

helps comes back Whose shoe…

c. Try to read T: There’s a party at the prince’s house, but Cinderella cannot go. Listen, who are shouting? Ss:(picture)two sisters and the stepmother T: What do they say? Try to read like the bad sisters Ss read the sentences d. Watch and answer T: The two sisters can go to the party happily. But Cinderella cannot go, so she is very …

Ss: Sad.

T: Why she cannot go to the party and who helps her? Let’s watch the cartoon.

check the answer Teach: a fair/a witch (tell the differences) e. Act in two Read after the computer Teacher make an example Act in two f. About the party 1. Listen and say T: Cinderella puts on the new clothes and shoes. What does the fairy say? Teach: before/after(作为板书)

2. Read and underline Cinderella is at the party. The prince sees her. What would he say? Ss: What a pretty…? Would you …?

T: She has a good time at the party. (钟声) Does she want to go home? Ss read and underline T: Please tell me the sentences you underline Teach: have to …

make some new sentences T: She left her shoe. So the prince shout: Ss: Hey, your shoe. T: How do you think of Cinderella?

Ss: …

Teacher show two important sentences 3. Read and order T: Cinderella has to go home. Q: What does the prince do? Does Cinderella try on the shoe at first? Ss read and answer g. Read and match T: Do you like my story? Do the exercise (Read and match together) Step3 Read and act the story 1. Reading time Read after the computer Read after the teacher 2. Ask and answer /Act the story 3. retell the story 4. Talk about the writer 5.完成课课练第一课时

Step4 Homework 1.听录音熟练朗读story time 2.小组内表演故事


板书设计: Unit1 Cinderella Before the party Come…

Where …? Why? Because…

After the party Visit…

Try on …

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