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Module 3 Unit 2 I don't like riding my bike 1教学目标

Teaching aims: a. Help the pupils grasp the words: like, swimming, skipping, riding, and bike.21世纪教育网版权所有

b. Help the pupils practice the sentences: I like swimming . I like skipping. I don’t like riding my bike. 2学情分析

About pupils. Our pupils are in Grade 3. They are active, curious and interested in new things.21·cn·jy·com


Key point: Help each pupil learn to say the sentences. Difficult point: Point to the other pictures and say ‘I like …’‘I don’t like…’


活动1【导入】Step 1.Warm-up

Step1. Warm- up Say ‘Hello’ to the pupils.

活动2【导入】Step 2.Review

A. Revise the words about sports: basketball, football, table tennis, morning exercises by using objects. 2·1·c·n·j·y

B. Revise sentences: I like basketball. I don’t like morning exercises.

活动3【讲授】Step 3.Presentation

(After revising I will say: Today we will learn more about sports.) A. Look at PPT and teach the word: swimming B. Teach sentences: I like swimming. I don’t like swimming.

活动4【讲授】Step 4.Text learning


Look and listen . And teach the words: skipping, riding and bike B. Listen and repeat. And teach the sentences: I like swimming. I don’t like skipping. I like skipping. I don’t like riding my bike.

C. Listen again and act.www21-cn-jy.com

活动5【活动】Step 5. Playing

Ask pupils to listen carefully and find the correct picture, and then stick it on the blackboard.21教育网

活动6【练习】Step 6. Practice

Practice in pairs.


Colors: I like red. I don’t like yellow. I like…

B. Fruits: I like apples. I don’t like bananas. I like…

C. Animals: I like the cat. I don’t like the tiger. I like…21cnjy.com

活动7【测试】Step 7. Saying

Say a sentence one by one. (Smiling face means ‘like’ and crying face means ‘don’t like’.) Then do a little exercise.【来源:21·世纪·教育·网】

活动8【活动】Step 8. Chant

Let’s chant.

活动9【活动】Step 9. Summary

Guide the pupils to conclude the key words and sentences. 活动10【作业】Step10. Homework


Tell your parents about sports in English. B. Keep doing exercise every day.

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