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Module1《Unit2 My favourite colour is yellow.》教学设计



1.能识别单词colour 2.能用What’s your favourite colour?询问以及能用My favourite colour is ….回答。


能用“What’s your favourite colour?”进行询问,My favourite colour is ….回答。






2.难点:用“What’s your favourite colour?”询问以及用My favourite colour is ….回答。


课件 卡片 四、教学过程

Step1: Warm- up 1.Greetings: “Good morning, boys and girls .How are you today?” 2.Sing a song: ABC song. 走到一名学生跟前:Hello,

What’s your favourite song?走到另一名学生跟前:Hi, What’s your favourite song?跟学生随意交谈,复习本学期学习过的句型。

Step 2: Presentation 1. Teacher shows PPT and say : boys and girls , look at the PPT .Let's see .What colour is it? --It is yellow.(复习yellow这个单词两遍)


T says :Look at next picture.

--What colour is it? --It is green. (复习green这个单词两遍) T says:Look at this picture.--What colour are they? --They are blue. (复习bule这个单词两遍) T says:Now,look at this picture.--What colour are they? --They are red. (复习red这个单词两遍) T says:Look at this picture. --What colour is it? --It is purple.

(复习purple这个单词两遍) - T says:Look at this picture.-What colour is it? --It is orange.


T says:Look at this picture.--What colour is it? --It is brown.


T says:Look at this picture.--What colour are they? --They are pink.




T: Today we are going to talk about “What’s your favourite colour?” 2.( Teacher shows PPT) and then ask : What’s your favourite colour? teacher shows the card“colour” and ask the students to read it in this way “ colour ,colour, 颜色 ”先全班读,然后分组读,最后个人读。

3.老师引出“What’s your favourite colour?”然后引导学生回答My favourite colour 回答。按照此方法把所有句子引导出来,然后引导学生主动回答。

操练句子:先全班读,然后分组读,最后个人读。 Step 3. Practice 1.Practice the sentences. 2.I can answer. 3.Match. 4.Pair work. Step 4Homework . 1.Pratice the sentences with your partner. 2.Write the words .

4 is .…

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