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英语(四年级下册) Unit 3

My day Story time 朱娴

Teaching contents


Story time Teaching aims and learning objectives


1. 能听懂、会读、会说:usually, go to school, in the morning, in the afternoon, go home, homework, watch TV, in the evening, have lunch, play football, have dinner, go to bed, at night。

2. 能听懂、会读、会说日常用语:When do you ...? I ... at …

3. 能正确地理解并朗读故事内容,在图片和语言提示下复述故事。

Focus of the lesson and predicted area of difficulty


教学重点:1. 短语和句型的教学。

2. 用正确的语音语调朗读故事。

3. 在图片和语言提示下复述故事。


Teaching procedures


Step 1 Greeting & Warm up

1. Greeting T: Hello, boys and girls. S: Hello, Vivian. T: Hi, …, how are you today?

S1: I’m fine. / I’m good. / …

T: Do you like playing games? S: Yes, we do.

2. Play a game T: Let’s play a game. OK? S: OK!

T: Good. Here we go. Ready? Go.

(如果你和我一样,请站起来大声说Me too. ) 【设计意图:通过游戏营造轻松愉悦的课堂气氛,同时渗透今天教学的重点句型,为后面的教学做铺垫。】

Step 2 Presentation 1. My Day T: Well, boys and girls. I have a clock. What time is it now? S: Six thirty. T: That’s right. I usually get up at 6:30.(教学usually)


2. Let’s tell the time

T: Look at the timetable. This is my day. Can you tell the time now? S: Yes. T: What time is it? S1: Six. T: What about this one? S2: Seven ten. (总结本节课说钟面的规律,同桌讨论说一说。) T: Let’s tell the time together. S: (tell the time with the teacher) 【设计意图:通过教师说钟面时间,学生说钟面时间,自然教授时间的说法规则,同桌再说一说,加以巩固,为后面的故事教学降低难度。】

Step 3 Story time 1. Look and say T: Look at the picture. Who’s the boy?

S1: Mike. T: Yes, today we are going to learn a story about him. And here is a question for you. The story is about Mike’s


(PPT出示人物图片,教师带领学生说说人物并引入故事) 2. Watch and choose

T: (PPT播放课文动画) The story is about Mike’s


S: The story is about Mike’s


(day) 【设计意图:帮助学生整体感知课文, 整理课文要素。】

3. Read and match T: Open your books, read the first paragraph and then try to match the time to the daily activities. (学生自读第一段,试着连线。) T: You may say it like this, “I … at …”

(check the answers) 4. Read and fill in the blanks.

T: Next, read the second paragraph and fill in the blanks. You may discuss in pairs. (学生自读第二段,试着填表。) T: You may say it like this, “At …, I …”

(check the answers) 5. Read and say. T: Then, read the third paragraph and say the sentences. (学生自读第三段,填句子并说一说。) 6. Fill in the table and retell Mike’s day.

(梳理时间和日常活动,教学in the morning,in the afternoon和in the evening,区分evening和night。) 7. Read and imitate(听录音,跟读课文,鼓励学生模仿录音中的语音语调)


Step 4 Consolidation 1. Let’s dub.

(三人一小组,为Mike配音。) 2. Act the story.

T: You really did a good job in this story time. It’s Show time for you. Can you act the story? Prepare it in groups of three. Then come to the blackboard to act it out.

(选择你最喜欢的一个时间段表演,记住台词并加上动作) 【设计意图:表演课文可以帮助学生复习、巩固课文,学生带着头饰,将故事内容进行脱稿表演是提高学生语言能力和学习兴趣的最佳方式。】

3. Discussion. T: You acted the story very well. What do you think of Mike’s day? Please discuss in groups of four and try to judge.(四人一组,根据提示判断)

4. Talk about your day. T: Mike’s day is reasonable. What about your day? Please talk about your day in groups of four. (学生小组谈论自己的作息安排) T: Excellent, boys and girls. Wonderful jobs you did today. I can see you can play, read and act!

S: Yeah! 【设计意图:对合理作息做出自己的判断,这对学生提出了更高的要求,期待学生通过讨论、交流、合作,将这节课所学内容以自己的方式演绎出来。学生有话可说,有话想说,课堂气氛再次升至高点。】



1. Introduce Mike’s day.


2. Write a diary about your day. 写一篇日记记录你的一天。

3. Preview (预习) Fun time.

Teaching aids




Unit 3

My day


Time 7:00

in the morning 7:40

12:00 4:00 4:40

in the afternoon 5:30 6:15

in the evening 7:00


at night

get up

go to school have lunch

play football go home

do my homework

have dinner

watch TV go to bed

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