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Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park!


Ⅰ. Teaching Aims and Demands 1. Knowledge Objects ①New words and expressions: an amusement park,an aquarium,a space museum,

a water park,a zoo,neither ②Sentence Structure: ----Where have you ever been? ----I have ever been to ….

----Have you ever been to … ?

----Yes, I have. I went to …

last week / year.

I have been to … once / twice / a lot of times.

(No, I haven’t. I have never been to … . )

What about you? ----Me, too. / So have I.

(Me, neither. / Neither have I.)

---- Has he/she ever been to… ?

---- Yes, he/she has.

No, he/she hasn’t.

2. Ability Objects Listening skill, Speaking skill, Communicative competence 3. Moral Object Exchanging experiences is an interesting thing.

Ⅱ. Teaching Key Points 1. New words and expressions 2. Sentence structures

Ⅲ. Teaching Important Point 1.

To improve the Ss’ ability to use the target language to talk about the past experiences.

Ⅳ. Teaching Methods 1.Situational communication teaching method 2.Task-based teaching method 3.Co-operation study、Self-study and exploring study

Ⅵ. Teaching aids Computer, PPT,Mp3

Ⅶ. Teaching procedures Step 1. Warming-up

Whatch a video about HongKong Disneyland, and then ask students two questions: 1、What can you see in the park? 2、How much will you pay for the all year round ticket?

Step 2.

Pairwork What kind of place is it?

Step 3.

Pairwork Have you ever been to?(ask 4 pictures)

Step 4.

Groupwork Compare “have/has been to” and “have/has gone to”

Step 5. Conversation practice A: Do you know where Tom is? B: Oh, he/she has gone to the South Pole. A: South Pole? Have you ever been there? B: No, I have never been to the South Pole. A: Me neither. Let’s go to the South Pole next month. B: That sounds fantastic!

Step 6. Listening practice Conversation 1 1, Tina went to the space musement last year.

2, Jone has never been to the space museum.

3, They are going to take the subway.

Conversation 2 1, Linda has been to the aquarium.

2, Linda went to the zoo three times last year. 3, Linda is going to the zoo again next year.

Conversation 3 1, Harvey had a great time at Water World.

2, Harvey's friend has never been to Water World. 3, Harvey and his friend are going skating.

Step 7. Interview

Step 8. Homework Write an article about you survey, and share the experiences with other students in your class.

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