Section A教学设计(第二课时)

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训练题5 一、单项选择

1、----_______do you read English books? ----Once a week. A. How often

B. How much

C. How long

D. How far 2、He has to study


English test . A. on

B. for

C. in

D. to 3、Nobody likes him because he ____helps others. A. always

B. never

C. often

D. usually 4、_______ the bad weather, we couldn’t see anything below.

A. And

B. Because

C. But

D. Because of 5、I have quite ____ friends . I never feel lonely ? A. few

B. a few

C. little

D. a little 6、--- Did you go to the party last Saturday ? ---- ____. A. Yes, I do.

B. Yes, I have .

C. Yes, I went .

D. Yes, I did . 7、This is my friend. He is

______ outgoing and funnier than me ? A. much

B. much more

C. a little

D. a lot of more 8、I’m ill . I don't feel like ____ anything now . A. eat

B. to eat

C. ate

D. eating 9、How________the people there? A is

B was

C were

D did 10、Where did you go on vacation ?

----I went _____ .

A. somewhere warm B. anywhere warm C. warm somewhere

D. warm anywhere

11、Paul is _____than Pedro. A. thin

B. thiner

C. thinner

D. more thin 12、If you want to get the job, you must be good ____ children . A. at

B. with

C. for 13、----____did you come to school?----By bus. A. What

B. Where

C. How

D. When 14、_____he is young, _____he knows a lot. A. Although; but

B. Although; so

C. Although;/

D. But;/ 15、You can look for ______ about it on the Internet . A. any informations

B. some information C. some informations

D. any information 16、Your sister isn’t

____ to go to work . A. big enough

B. old enough

C. enough old

D. too old

17、____ ( about 85%)? students do homework every day . A. Most

B. All

C. Some

D. No 18、Please keep ____.The baby is sleeping. A. quietly

B. angry

C. quiet

D. busy 19、I’m sorry. I’m busy today. I have ____work to do. A. too many

B. many too

C. much too

D. too much 20、Drinking milk is good _____your health.

A. with

B. in

C. for

D. at


1、I play computer games ______

a week. ( two )

2、Lucy has


( long ) hair than me . 3、John plays football as ______ ( good ) as his brother Jack . 4、Which is ______

( heavy ) ,the horse or the elephant ? 5、This city is much _______

( beautiful ) than that one .

6、My favorite _______

( say ) is ,“A true friend is reaches for your hand and touches your heart”

. 7、Bill decided_______ ( study ) hard this term. 8、My grandpa fed many


( pig ) on the farm . 9、They _______(take)many photos in the park yesterday . 10.Nick is very ______ (


) . 11、Jim is ______

( friendly ) than Tom , so Tom has more friends than Jim . 12、Thanks for ______ ( ask ) me to your party . 13、The poor boy seemed

_______ ( be ) hungry . 14、She doesn’t like to go_______ ( fish ) with his mother.

15、My brother is ______

( funny ) than me. 16. He ___

(go) to school by bike every morning.

But this morning he ___

(go) by bus. 17.“Do you like ____

_(drink) tea?”

“Yes, I do.”

18. Please tell him ______

(wash) his hands before supper. 19. Tom’s brother ________

(be) good at soccer. 20. Finally he asked people to stop _______

(talk). ”









same) 1. Jack has ______ than one sister.

2. Liu Ying talks _____ than Liu Li.

3. Li Hua is my friend. She’s a little ______ than me. 4. Do you look the ______ as Tom? 5. Tom often exercises after class. He is _______ than me.

6. He is not as _______ at sports as his sister. 7. Paul is never_____! He can’t stop talking.

8. Mr Wang is a ______ man. He always helps others. 四、选词并用其正确形式填空。(5分)





build 1、The visitors come from ________ countries . 2、There are a lot of

________ in Beijing. 3、We had Sichuan food for dinner . It

______ delicious. 4、Grace is


in music. 5、I think my parents

_______ care about me .

训练题6 一、单项选择

21、Tara and her sister ____tall and clever. A. is both

B. both are

C. are both

D. are all 22、Mr Bean enjoys ____jokes and often makes us_____. A. to tell; to laugh

B. tells; laugh C. telling; laugh

D. telling; laughing 23、-Many pigs died ( 死亡


____ the weather was bad. . A. but

B. because

C. because of

D. and

24、They decided ____ you

A. help

B. to help

C. helping

D. helped

25、. Tom studies _______.

He _______plays with his friends.

A. hard; hard

B. hardly; hardly

C. Hard; hardly

D. hardly; hard

26.. I want to buy a computer, but I don’t bring _______.

A enough money

B time enough

C enough time

D many money 27. . Jane is ________high school student in the United States.

A. a 18-year-old

B. a 18-years-old

C. an 18-years-old

D. an 18-year-old 28. —How often do you drink milk?

—I don’t like it, so I _____drink it.

A. always

B. usually

C. hardly ever

D. often

29. .Mr. Li asks the students _____in the river, because it’s too dangerous.

A. swim

B. to swim

C. not to swim

D. to not swim

30. Did you find the answer _______the question about ________TV ?

A. to, watching

B, of, watching

C. to, watched

D. of , watched 31. That book is not so ______ as this one.

A. interesting

B. more interesting

C. most interesting

D. the most interesting

32. This classroom is __________than that one.

A. many big

B. much big

C. many bigger

D. much bigger 33. This is my sister. She is ________outgoing and funnier than I am.

A. much

B much more

C a little

D a lot of more 34. —How many books in the bag are yours?

of them is mine. A. No one

B. None

C. Not one

D. Not

35.____do you watch TV every week?

—Less than two hours. I often have much homework to do.

A. How many

B. How much

C. How long

D. How often


_____ it was very cold,

_____ my friend still went swimming in Jialing River this morning.

A. Although; but

B. Although;/

C. But; although


37. .It’s too dark in the room. He can hardly see anything,______?

A. can he

B. does he C. can’t he

D. doesn’t he

38.It was ______lovely weather _____we decided to spend the day on the beach.

A. such a; that

B. such; that

C. such; as

D. so; that

39.There are a few ____but little _____in the cupboard.

A. apples; coffee

B .coffee; apples C. apple ;coffees D. apple, coffee 40.My dad ________ a teacher when I grow up .

A. wants me to

B .wants me to be

C. wants me

D. wanted

41.I left my keys in the room yesterday. I had to get in ______the window.

A. In

B. through

C. over

D. across 42. . Would you like ____cup of tea?

A. other

B. the other

C. another

D. the one 二、用所给词的适当形式填空

21. Mike goes to see his grandparents _________(one) a week.

22. He spends more than an hour __________(exercise) every day.

23. Exercise is _________ (health) for the mind and the body. 24. Your sweater is beautiful. I want _________(buy) one,too.

25. How about ________ (go) shopping on Sundays? 26. He usually studies English by ________ (read) it in the morning. 27. We ________(take) quite a few photos yesterday. 28. Everything ________(be) excellent. 29. There are a lot of new ________(building) now. 30. I really enjoyed _________(walk) around the town. 31. Did you buy __________(something) special? 32.. What a __________(different) a day makes! 33.There ______(not be )any bread at home yesterday. 34.Tom ____(have) no time last Sunday. He ___ (visit) his friends next Sunday. 35. Finally he asked people to stop _______ (talk). 36. Let’s________(try) our best _________(finish) the work in an hour. 五、句型转换(10分)

1、Ann did her homework last night . (改为否定句) Ann ________

________ her homework last night .

2、He went to summer camp on vacation .( 改为一般疑问句

) ________


________ to summer camp on vacation ? 3、He watches TV three times a week (划线提问)

_____ _____ does he watch TV? 4、She has longer hair than Emma .(同义句转化)

Her hair is ________ than ________. 5、Jim is 12 years old. Tim is 15 years old. (合为一句) Jim is _______ _______ Tim. 6. Mary is 16 years old.(改为同义句)

Mary is


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