Section B 1a—1d优质课教案整理

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Unit9 SectionA(1a-1c)精品教案

Teaching objectives 学完本课后,学生应能:

1. 运用表达科目的词汇,P.E, art, science, music, math, Chinese, geography, history 2. 谈论对科目的喜好:What’s your favorite subject?

3. 谈论他人的喜好:What’s his/her favorite subject?

4. 学习favorite的用法,知道使用物主代词表达某人的最爱。eg. Her favorite subject is... language points 1.


—What’s your favorite subject?

—My favorite subject is …



名词:subject, P.E., art, science, math, Chinese, history, biology, teacher Important Points:


—What’s your favorite subject?

—My favorite subject is …

Difficult Points : science, history, biology等科目名称的读音和记忆

Teaching and learning procedures

Step 1. Warming – up (preparation)

T: How are you today? S: We are fine.

(Show a picture of Chinese teacher.) T: Who is this woman/man?

S: She/he is Miss/ Mr …. She/He is our Chinese teacher.

T: Do you have a Chinese lesson today? S: Yes, …/No, ….

T: Do you have a math lesson today?

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S: Yes, …./No,…

T: Who is your math teacher? S: ….

Step 2 Presentation and practice


T: Chinese and math are subjects. What other subjects do we have today? T: Do we have math/art/ music/ PE/science/ history/ geography lesson today? S: …

T: What subjects do we have this year?

S: We have math/English/Chinese ….

T: What subjects do we have in middle school?

S: We have math/English/Chinese….

Read and learn the words.

Practice 1: Show the pictures on page 49. T: Look at the pictures. Please match the words with the pictures. Who can tell me the answers? S: Picture c is a P.E class.

Picture d is a Chinese class.

Picture b is a science class.

Picture e is a music class.

Picture a is a geography class.

Picture h is a math class.

Picture f is an art class.

Picture g is a history class.

T should speak highly of the students because of their perfect answers.

Practice 2: T: Let’s listen to the tape and circle the subjects in 1a you hear. First we only listen. Then please listen again and finish the task. T: Now let’s check the answers.

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Practice 3:

Show the listening materials on the screen, ask Ss to repeat.

Practice 4: T: The boy’s favorite subject is …. And the girl’s favorite subject is …. What about you? What’s your favorite subject?

S: My favorite subject is…

T: What’s Tom’s favorite subject? Ask him, please.

S: What’s your favorite subject, Tom?


Now talk about your favorite subject/colors/food with your partners. Then please act it out.

Step 3 Progress

Please fill in the blanks with suitable words you think.

What’s _____ favorite subject?

My ______ subject is English.

What’s Lily’s ______ subject?

_____ favorite subject is art.

Is ______ favorite subject _______ ?

Yes, his favorite subject is geography. Homework: Please write some sentences to describe what you and your partners’ favorite subjects are.

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