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Unit 3 Robots Integrated skills



I. Teaching aims and learning objectives[来源:学科网ZXXK]

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

1. get information from a poster and a radio programme to complete the notes;

2. complete an email according to the information that they have got;

3. talk about how to deal with a robot that has gone wrong.

II. Teaching contents 1. New words and phrases: battery, customer, hold, through, put through 2. New structures: Please hold and I’ll put you through. Would you like us to have it checked?

III. Focus of the lesson and predicted area of difficulty 1. To get information from a radio programme to complete the notes. 2. To talk about how to deal with a robot that has gone wrong.

IV. Teaching procedures A

The robot show Step 1 Lead-in

1. Free talk T: Boys and girls, today I bring a new friend to our class. Do you know him? S: Baymax. T: What do you know about him? S: …

T: Baymax is a robot. He is the lead role of the film Big Hero. Hiro is his master.

2. Watch and answer T: What’s special about Baymax? Let’s enjoy a short video and finish the following sentences.

(1) Baymax is designed to _______. A. help Hiro with his homework

B. care about Hiro’s health (2) It takes Baymax _______ to look over a person. A. less than five seconds

B. less than five minutes (3) Baymax tells Hiro about his health condition _______. A. in clear language

B. by drawing (4) Baymax doesn’t get anything wrong because _______.

A. he has a good memory

B. someone can help him (5) Hiro needs to _______ to take care of Baymax. A. give it oil

B. change the battery

C. let it charge



Step 2 Presentation

1. Before listening

T: Do you want to have such a lovely and clever robot like Baymax? Let’s follow Baymax to join in an international robot show in Sunshine Town. There you may find a robot suitable for you. T: First, read a poster about the international robot show and get ready to answer Baymax’s questions: Where/when/what time/the ticket price/surprise?

T: Complete the notes with what you have known. 

There is going to be a (1) ______________ soon. 

The show will be held at the (3) ______________. 

It is from (4) ________ to (5) ________ March.

It begins at (6) _______ and finishes at (7) _________. 

The price of a ticket is (8) _________ for people 12 years and above.[来源学+科+网Z+X+X+K]


2. While listening T: Now let’s follow Baymax to listen to a radio programme about the robot show.

Baymax’s listening tips: (1) Predict what the listening is about before listening.

(2) Write the first letter of each word while listening. (3) Try to understand the main idea and pay attention to the details. (4) Check

the spelling after listening. T: Listen and complete 

Robot from China, (2) _______ and South Korea will be displayed.

One of the robots is designed to help students with their (9) ___________. It can read a book in (10)

______________and tell you about it in (11) ______________. It has a (12) _______ memory. It never gets anything (13) _________. It does not get (14) _______. You need to give it some oil (15) __________and change the batteries (16) __________.


3. After listening T: From the programme, we know the robot designed by Lucy can help students with their homework and can read a book and tell you about it in clear language. I think this kind of robot will be popular among teenagers. Let’s help Daniel complete his email to Simon. T: Read the email and answer:

(1) Do you think if Simon will go to the robot show? Why?

(2) What is exciting news for Daniel?


Step 3 Practice T: I’m sure you like the robot designed to help students with their homework very much. What is your ideal robot like? Work in pairs and have a discussion.

【设计意图:以Daniel的邮件为切入点,引导学生谈论他们理想中的机器人以及原因,为接下来的Speak up做热身。】


Speak up: My robot

has caught a virus.Step 1 Presentation 1. Listen and answer[来源学科网ZXXK][来源:学科网]

T: Robots can help people a lot, but sometimes they also go wrong and don’t work properly. What will you do if your robot goes wrong? Let’s listen to a conversation and find out what Mr Jiang did with the problem. (1) Who does Mr Jiang want to speak to?

(2) What will the robot shop do with the problem?

2. Read and act out


Step 2 Practice

T: Work in groups of three. Make a phone call and talk about what kind of service you need. The expressions on the screen may be useful to you. 【设计意图:此环节是语言输出活动,旨在帮助学生运用所学内容谈论问题并给出处理办法。为了丰富学生的表达,教师给学生提供了部分参考词汇和句式。在此环节中,鼓励学生进行流畅而连贯的表达。】

Step 3 Conclusion 1. Baymax’s words With the development of science and technology, more and more intelligent robots are being used in different fields, taking the place of humans to finish many tasks.

With the help of robots, people can save time to do what they like; people can reduce the rate of death and injury in dangerous work; people can … Robots are playing an important part today. But no matter how clever robots are, they are made by humans. Whatever they do, they just follow the instructions given to them by humans. Therefore, robots will never completely replace humans.

2. Teacher’s words Let’s enjoy the convenience brought by robots!


V. Homework 1. Remember the key phrases and expressions.

2. Make a phone call talking about what kind of service you need.




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