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Book2 Unit3 Computers Learning about Language The General Idea of This Period:

This period includes revision of the text, learning about language.From this period the students will learn how to use some of the key words and expressions in the text and do some exercises for consolidation Teaching Aims:

1.Help the students to learn to use some useful words and expressions. Teaching Important Point:

(1) solve




(5)application (6)come true Teaching Difficult Points:

How to master the usages of some important words and phrases

Teaching Methods:

“6+1”teaching methods:1.Leading in 2.Thinking 3.Discussing 4.Presentation 5.Explanation 6.Testing 7.Homework Teaching Aids:

1.A multimedia. Teaching Procedures:

Step 1

Leading in

T:Boys and girls,in the last period ,we learned some new words and phrases,Please turn to P91.Now,let’s read together. Ss:OK T:Wonderful!You’ve done very well.Now today we will learn the usages of some new words. Step 2

Thinking T:Read the words by yourself and think about the usages of these words.You will be given 3 minutes.Your can also look them up in the dictionary or consult the reference books.Try to find as many usages as you can! Let’s begin! Step 3

Discussing T:Now time is up.It’s time for you to stand up to discuss the usages of these words together,5 minutes later,you are expected to come here to write down the usages on the blackboard.Now,stand up please. Step 4

Presentation T:Please stop here,number1:solve....number2..Who is volunteer? Now let’s check them together.You all did very well.Thank you. Step5

Explanation T:Do you want to know more about the usages of these words? S:Yes,of course.

T:Show the usages of these words to them in order: intelligent, come true,explore,application,solve. While showing the usages,ask them to recite the usages and do some exercises. Step6 Testing Task1&Task 2 T:Please turn to Page 20 and finish Discovering useful words and expressions.At first,look at Ex.1.From the reading passage,find the words and expressions with the following meanings.And then complete Ex2 with the words below.You will be given 4 mins. T:Time is up.At first,let’s look at Ex1.Now,ten students will be asked to give the words.Who can?Volunteers!

T:Well done!Now please look at Ex 2,Who would like to have a try? T:Wonderful!Your answers are all right. Task 3 T:Please look at Ex.3 ,Read the story below together,Pay attention to the outline. It’s time for you to use the outline to creat a story of your own.You can discuss with your partners or write down them on your paper.You will be given 4mins,4mins later,I will ask some of you to share your story with us. Step7 Homework

T:OK,After class , you are supposed to fininsh these tasks: 1.Finish the exercises on 导学案(Period3)

2.Review the language points we learn after class. 3.Preview the grammar. That’s all for today,Class is over,Goodbye class.

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