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Student’s Book 2 ( PEP) Unit 3 Computers Grammar—the Present Perfect Passive Voice 西安市中铁中学 张锁成

I. General idea of the design for this lesson


Developing the students’ integrating linguistic skills and learning strategies through creating various class tasks and activities, such as discovery, observation, exploration, experience, discussion, induction, cooperation and practice. 2. Enhancing the students’ cultural awareness by completing different tasks and practice as well as the reply to an old American friend Peter. The expressions about love for the hometown and Chinese culture can be seen in many sections of this lesson. 3. Students will be able to master the structure and the basic usages of the Present Perfect Passive Voice both in spoken and written forms. 4. Learning grammar is not the purpose of our teaching but the basis of and the approach to the development of the students’ integrating linguistic skills and core competencies. 5. Stimulating the students’

imagination and creativity through discussion, exploration and completing the writing task. 6. Teaching activities designed in this lesson follow the principle from simpleness to complexity. In addition, the activities designed are practical and appropriate to the students’ abilities. 7.

Using the textbook flexibly by integrating different components or new ideas into this lesson. 8.

The best way of learning grammar is to learn by doing, which was put forward by the American educator & psychologist J. Dewey. 9.

Adopting an effective teaching




II. Teaching Background Analysis 1. The analysis of teaching contents

This is the third period of Unit 3 in Book 2, which focuses on the grammar—the Present Perfect Passive Voice. In this period, the students will learn about and master the structure as well as different usages of the Present Perfect Passive Voice by getting through a variety of tasks in pairs, in groups or individually. In the former unit, they have just learned the structure and the usage of the Future Passive Voice. Meanwhile, I have guided them to review some usages of the passive voice in several other tenses, which will benefit their understanding and mastering the usages of the Present Perfect Passive Voice. Commanding this grammar will lay good foundations for the students’

integrating language-using abilities. 2. The analysis of the students After having studied senior English for the first half of the semester, the students have the better ability to get and process information as well write in English. The students in Senior Grade One are always curious about new knowledge and they are active in classroom activities. Besides, they have just learned the Future Passive Voice and reviewed several other passive voices in Unit 2. Therefore, it should not be difficult for them to understand the grammar—the Present Perfect Passive Voice. In this class, the English levels of the students are different. Therefore, the class activities are designed to accommodate all the students. In other words, each student can participate in the activities. To arouse the students’ interest and active participation in class, I have designed some effective tasks to keep up their enthusiasm and cultivate their abilities. I will adopt the task-based approach, exploration method and student-centered classroom activities to help the students experience, discuss and discover the usages of the Present Perfect Passive Voice and master the grammar by guiding them to finish


those tasks.

III. Goal Analysis By the end of this period, students will be able to 1.

Discover and understand the structure of the Present Perfect Passive Voice. 2.

Analyze the features and master the basic usages of the Present Perfect Passive Voice. 3.

Apply the grammar into writing aimed to cultivate students’ awareness of cultures. 4.

Improve their learning strategies and abilities of self-study, cooperative learning as well as exploration 5. Enhance their self-confidence and the love for their hometown.

IV. Type of the lesson Grammar V. Important points

1. The students are able to understand and master the usages of the Present Perfect Passive Voice. 2. Develop the students’ abilities of self-study and cooperative learning as well as their ability of exploration. 3. Enhance the students’

self-confidence and their academic motivation.

VI. Difficult points 1. The students can understand and master the structure and the basic usages of the Present Perfect Passive Voice as well as some details when using it. 2. The students are able to improve their integrating language skills such as sentence translation in dialogues and the ability of English passage writing by properly using the new grammar learned in this lesson under the guidance of their teacher.


3. Develop the students’ abilities of cooperative learning and exploration.

VII. Teaching Aid


VIII. Teaching approaches learning. 2. Exploration, discussion, induction and explanation.

IX. Learning Strategies 1. Learn to acquire different information by adopting the methods of discovery and comparison. 2. Learn to study a grammar by using discussions and the inductive method. 3. Learn to solve problems and improve learning abilities through autonomy, cooperation and exploration. 4. Let the students experience the importance of “Learn by doing”.

X. Teaching Procedures: Teaching Procedures What T does in class What Ss do in

Purpose of the class (T’s expectation) Step1. Project 1.Lead-in (1.5 minutes)

The students To let the and students know and about the of design

1. Task-based teaching approach and student-centered teaching and The teacher has a brief listen (3 minutes)

communication with the answer,

students and presents a then read the contents project to the students, email. asking a favor of them to (Individual write a reply, and then work) 4 the email and to stimulate the students’

shows the following email

to the students. Dear Jack, Long time no see! How are you these years?

I hear that Xi’an has changed a lot these years and is now becoming an international city. As you know, I went to Xi’an ten years ago. How time flies! I still remember its beauty and the kind citizens there. I have a good impression on Xi’an, but it’s a pity that I have no time to visit it for myself at present. Could you please tell me some great changes in Xi’an in the past few years? Looking forward to your early reply. Yours, Peter

While the students are reading, the teacher writes Unit 3 Computers on the blackboard.

Activity 1:

communication and interaction(1.5 minutes)

The teacher asks the questions and shows the students four sentences which they may use in the reply. ①.西安已经盖起了许多现代化大楼。

②.大多数游乐公园已经向公众免费开放。 interest and curiosity.

The students To stimulate listen, think students’

and answer then imagination the and writing teacher’s questions. (Individual work)

motivation. Through questions and answers about tenses voices, and the




design intended is to

introduce the The teacher continues to The students topic of the ask the students questions answer the new grammar to introduce the concept of questions. the new grammar item.

(Individual work)

item and to pave the road for the writing task.

To let the students make clear their The teacher writes the

the name of the grammar on

the blackboard. Then the

teacher shows the students

the learning targets on the screen. Step 2. Presentationlearning targets of this lesson. reading been 1. Observation(1.5minutes)

The students The The teacher asks the look carefully has (5 minutes)

students to look at the and then turn taught and the

following sentence, paying to the reading students are attention to the underlined Who Am I on familiar with part. page 18 and the content of Asking Example: Over time I have been pick out the it. changed a lot. other them to pick the Task 1. Discovering (2.5 minutes)

sentences in out the present sentences in the present The teacher asks the perfect students to turn to the passive perfect reading Who Am I on page 18 voice.And then passive voice


and pick out the other they tell the helps them to sentences with the same teacher grammar structure.

Suggested answers: 1.

First as a PC, and then as a laptop, I have been used in offices and homes since the 1970s.


Over time my memory has developed so much that, like an elephant, I never forget anything I have been told.


Since the 1970s many new applications have been found for me.


I have also been put into robots and used to make mobile phones as well as help with medical operations.

5. I have even been put into space rockets and sent to explore the Moon and Mars. the get familiar the sentences they with pick out in the structure and reading

(Individual work)

usages of the grammar soon as as possible and make preparations for the next task.

Task 2. Exploration and The students To guide the induction (1 minute)

compare these students to The teacher asks the sentences and learn by the students to compare these sum up the methods of sentences and sum up the structure of comparison and structure of the present the present analysis. perfect passive voice. perfect Discovering While the students are passive voice. the structure answering, the teacher (Individual of the present writes the structure of the work) perfect present perfect passive

passive voice voice on the blackboard.

helps them to review the


knowledge of tenses voices and they have learned. Step 3 Practice, Task 3. Experience(6 minutes)

The students This task is a The teacher provides try doing the little hard discussion the following exercises for following and but will be the students to experience exercises and quite exploration the usages of the grammar.

experience the effective. By (17 minutes)

Exercise 1

Change the following sentences into the Present Perfect Passive Voice.


We have made a plan. →

A plan has been made.

1. My friend has bought a new

personal computer. 2. The shop has not repaired my

desks so far.

Exercise 2 Make the best choice 1.

Almost all the parks ____

free to the public so far.

A. will be opened B. have been opened

C. were opened

D. has been opened 2.These cultural relics___in

Shaanxi History Museum for

twenty years. A. have been kept

B. have been put

C. have put

D. have kept

3. I hear that those letters of

advice _____ last week. A. was wrote

B. have been written

C. were written

D. has been written

8 usages of the experience I present perfect aim at arousing their passive voice. interest and (Individual work)

curiosity and helping them recall their knowledge about tenses and voices. the all Through task I think the students’

attention and motivation can be aroused, which benefits the next discussion and

their learning efficiency.

Then the teacher checks the T answers with the students.

Task 4. Discussion, exploration The students This task is a & induction (6 minutes)

sum up the little The teacher asks the usages of the challenging. students to sum up the grammar usages of the grammar by through studying the two sentences cooperation,

given below in groups of discussion, four. So I show them two examples to compare and explore. exploration & Through 1.Your computer has been induction cooperative repaired. in learning, 2.These cultural relics have (Discussion been kept in Shaanxi History small groups) comparison and Museum for twenty years.

exploration I

aim at

arousing their The teacher asks several Several group interest, group leaders to report what leaders helping them they have discovered. report what form effective The teacher helps to their groups study conclude and writes the discovered and strategies and usages of the present concluded. And improving perfect passive voice

on then all their learning the blackboard. the students efficiency.

II. Usages 1. The influence that a past passive action has on the 9 take notes. (Individual work) To encourage the students to learn to


study together and share what they discovered. Writing the Eg. My watch has been


2. The state that a past

passive action continues to

the present. Eg. These

structure and the usages of the present cultural

relics have been kept in

Shaanxi History Museum for

twenty years.

perfect passive voice on the blackboard helps students remember the usages of the grammar better.

the Task 5.


discussion, By studying in This task is exploration & induction

(8 minutes) The teacher asks groups three the sentences the designed to be finished by cooperative students to sum up the given on the learning and aspects which should be paid screen. the exploration, attention to when using the students sum which are very grammar through cooperative up the aspects important learning by studying the which should abilities we three sentences given be paid aim at. In



attention to small groups, when using the the students grammar. Through cooperation,

discussion, will feel safe and learn to study together and share what 1. Those books have been kept from the library for a week.

2.“The Belt and Road”

Shaanxi Xi'an•2019 City Wall International Marathon took

place on April 20. 3. The report has been listened to many times.

The teacher asks several group leaders to report what they discovered After and the exploration & they induction, discovered. (Discussion in Their learning small groups) efficiency and

abilities will be greatly improved. Through Several group exploration, leaders report discussion, what induction and concluded. their groups communication discovered and with their students finish reporting their discoveries, the concluded. And partners, the then all usages of the teacher shows the aspects which should be paid the students grammar will take notes. (Individual work)

become clear and the attention to when using the grammar on the screen and gives some detailed knowledge they acquire will be longer.

kept explanations. Suggested conclusions: 1.Have or has?

It's up to the form of the subject.

Example: Those books __ been


kept from the library for a week.

A. have



This task is also designed to help the students avoid common mistakes and use grammar correctly.

the to some 2. Durative or terminative


Terminative verbs cannot be

used in the sentence with the

adverbial of a period of time.


Those books have

been___from library for a week.

A. borrowed

B. kept 3. Characteristic words.

The adverbials of a period of

time, such as for a week, since

the 1970s, as well as some

adverbs of time showing

experiences or frequency, such

as ever, never, many times,

already, yet, recently, so far,

before and so on, are often used

in the present perfect tense. Examples:

1.“The Belt and Road”

Shaanxi Xi'an•2019 City Wall

International Marathon was held

on April 20.

2. The shared bikes ___ put

into use for several years, which

offers great convenience to the

citizens of Xi'an.


A. have been



4. Transitive or Intransitive

verbs ?

Intransitive verbs cannot be

used in the structure of the

passive voice.


This report has been __many


A. listened

B. listened to

Task 6:

Practice(3 minutes)

The students Practice makes The

teacher asks the finish the two perfect. students to

finish the two exercises on Through exercises below. the screen. two the tasks, Exercise 1:Change the following (Individual sentences into the present work) passive voice.

students are supposed become and to more more 1. An unknown virus has just

attacked my computer.

familiar with what they have learned. And through the 2. We have not solved the

problem yet. in the sentences.


More international conferences have held in Xi'an in recent years. 2. Tom as well as his friends have been told many times not to play soccer in the street.

Exercise 2:

Correct the mistakes

practice, the students will be well-prepared for the production


task and the writing task. Step 4.

Production The teacher asks the The students The task is look designed the help students to the students to finish the first (4 minutes)

dialogue according to the through

given information. dialogue —Hi, Tom, Nice to see you on quickly, and understand the Sunday!

—Me, too, Jack! Where are you then finish it learning going today? individually strategy of —To the new cinema. I hear and learning by ________________________first, ____ these days.(那里已经放then check using. Through Would you like to go with me their answers to see whether there are new in pairs films? —I’d love to, but ___________. (Individual (我的作业还未完成)。

& pair work) —Oh, what a pity!By the way, _____________ (你的自行车

修好了吗)?Mine is broken.

Could I borrow yours? —Of course you can, but please

don’t lend it to others, OK?

—I won’t. Thank you very


—You are welcome!

Suggested answers:

several good films have been

shown there

homework hasn’t been finished

yet has your bike been repaired

映过好几部优秀影片。)the task, the students are supposed master usages of the present to the perfect passive voice by solving problems and communicating with others. Step5. Progress 1. Writing(5 minutes)

The students The task is the designed to The teacher asks the write (12 minutes)

students to finish the reply reply to Peter make students

to Peter

according to the according to progress 14 at

writing instructions and the the criteria.

Writing instructions: 1. 字数要求:60字左右。

2. 行文流畅,语言清晰,至少运用了两个含有现在完成时被动语态的句子。

writing different levels and instructions and criteria. (Individual work)

the arouse their creativity, consciousness of cooperation as well as love for their

2.Sharing and discussion within small groups (3 minutes)

homeland. The students Besides, share and through this discuss their task, I aim at arousing their learning The teacher asks the partners’

students to share their Compositions replies to Peter within and pick out interest and small groups according to the best enhancing their the writing instructions compositions and the criteria and asks of their confidence. And through task, the group leaders help to groups. pick out the of best The students the their listen compositions groups. and students are to more evaluate their supposed works together become 3.Sharing and discussion within the whole class (4 minutes)

according to familiar with the criteria the usages of The teacher collects three and give their the grammar. compositions from different suggestions groups and shows them on the for screen, reading together improvement At the same time their creativity and


with the whole class and (Group work) evaluating these imagination are stimulated. And above all, their cultural awareness will be greatly compositions one by one.

improved Step 6. Evaluation The teacher shows a The students Evaluation student’s assessment table first finish plays a very important role in teaching (3 minutes)

on the screen and asks the the

students to take out their self-assessmeassessment evaluate table their to nt and then and learning. own finish the Positive and proper performance in this class. group-assessm

ent in small evaluation groups with helps to build the the guidance up of the group students’ leaders. self-confidence, (Individual & stimulate group work) their interest

and enthusiasm

and strengthen

their academic

motivation. Step 7. Homework (1 minute)

The teacher makes a brief The students The process of summary of the class and listen writing is not assigns the homework to the carefully and happening only


students. 1.

Finish the exercises on page 57 in the workbook 2.

Improve your reply to the best. set down in class but also class. homework after The is today’s homework. (Individual work) designed not only to help the students consolidate what learned they in

3.Correct your partner's

composition and find

out attractive


class in time but also extend their English writing ability class. in The combination of grammar learning in the classroom and writing ability contributes to the improvement of their integrating their


language skills. Ⅺ.

Design on the blackboard Unit 3 Computers Grammar—the Present Perfect Passive Voice I. Structure: have/has + been + done (p.p.) II. Usages: 1. The influence that a past passive action has on the present. 2. The state that a past passive action continues to the present.

Student’s assessment table Group:

Items Name

Active Creative Self-assessment Just so-so good

better best

Group-assessment Just so-so





Confident Logical Effective Others


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