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Class5 Senior3 教学设计理念

According to Examination Instructions for College Entrance Examination, Filling in the blanks in a discourse is aimed at testing a student’s ability to master grammar and use it flexibly on the basis of reading the whole passage. In fact, a student’s ability to analyze and control meaning is tested. Teachers should develop students’ abilities to analyze a passage and meaning during the course of teaching. 教学内容分析

The ways of discourse analysis are summarized and applied by giving discourse knowledge and using 4 passages and. Passage1 is for homework and discourse knowledge. Students finish the passage using their usual way. while dealing with the passage , the teacher will find the problem. After dealing with the paper, the proper ways will be summarized, and then students will finish passage2 using the summarized way. Students will design passage3 and passage4 in pairs using learnt contents and then explain the reasons as designers.


This course is designed to find out the students’problems ,summarize the ways to deal with the problems and then help the students solve

problems. Step one: deal with homework, find out problems and revise knowledge of discourse analysis while dealing with the exercise. Step two: summarize the ways to deal with the problems. Step three: finish the exercise using the summarized ways 教学目标

Teach students to deal with this kind of exercise using the knowledge of discourse analysis


Instruct students to summarize and apply the learnt way of discourse analysis and make students understand and apply the learnt way by organizing activities well. 教学过程

Stages Time Teacher’s Activities

Students’ Activities

Purposes 1.Greet each other. 1.Read the passage 1.to find Ss’ 10 2.Check the main idea and again and get the main problems. Explanation minutes structure of the passage. idea and structure of

3.Check the answer. the passage. 4. Introduce and explain the 2.Revise the basic basic knowledge of knowledge of discourse. discourse. 1. Ask Ss to sort the blanks 1.Sort the blanks into into different groups in different groups. pairs. 2. summarize the ways 2.Check their work; with the help of the 3. Summarize the way of teacher. Sorting , dealing with this kind of 3.Finish another 18 summarizing exercise. passage individually. minutes and 4.Ask Ss to finish another 4. Check answer by Applying passage and check their themselves. work. 5. Explain the most difficult ones using knowledge of discousr 1.Hand out different 1.Design a new passages to different passage using what students. they learn in this class. 2.Ask Ss to design a new 2.Exchange their work 12 passage using what they and complete the Designing minutes have learnt in this class. passage. 3.Exchange their work and 3. Check answer in complete the passage. pairs and explain the 4.Explain the reason. reasons. 板书设计








2.to consolidate the knowledge of discourse. 1.to know the concept of discourse better. 2.to practice the new way of filling in the blanks. 1.To apply what has been learnt to practice.

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