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Unit1 Period 9教案

Writing Teaching objectives 1. Target language

Writing a notice.

2. Ability objectives

Enable the students to write a notice. 3. Learning ability objectives Help the students learn how to writer a notice. Teaching important & difficult points

How to write a notice. Teaching methods

Discussion and task-based activities. Teaching procedures & ways

Step I


Check the homework.

T: In the last period, we learned how to make decisions by comparing information. Comparison is everywhere. When we say, Wei Hua’s English is better, Jessica’s the best basketball player in our school, we are making comparisons. By making comparisons with others, we can find the weaknesses and strong points of ourselves. That’s true to the study method.

S: I compared my method of studying with that of my deskmate. First, he never studies for long hours. It seems he is always free, but often gets high marks. But I used to sit and study for long each time. Second, he reviews what he learned in the class immediately after class. But I never do that. Later on, I will form the habit of reviewing what have learned as soon as possible. Third, my deskmate told me that many students do not reach their goals because they set them too high. He said his goal is to learn something new every day.

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Step II

Lead-in T: When our school has something to tell all the students, which means do you think can be used? S: Broadcasting. S: Putting on notices. ... T: To inform others, one of the ways it to put on notices. Then do you know what a notice is? How to write a notice? Now read the guidelines on page 16 and find out.

Ask the students to read the notice given by the school library.

T: Now read the notice from the school library. Point out the important information in it.

Show the following: Event: Time: Reason: When to reopen: The new opening hours: Public holidays: Who gives the notice: Sample answers: Event: library closed Date: 16th to 18th Nov Day: next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Reason: the sports meeting will be held

When to reopen: Saturday (19th Nov) The new opening hours: Mon - Fri: 8 am - 6 pm

Sat & Sunday: 10 am - 5 pm

Public holidays: closed

Who gives the notice: Li Ming Ask the students to talk about how to make a notice attractive.

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T: What should we can do to make a notice attractive? S1: We can write the title in bold and big letters.

S2: We can put some photos or pictures in it.

S3: We can use different colors to make it clear. ... Step III


Ask the students to read the guidelines in Step 3 on page 17.

T: Next please write a notice to inform your classmates of the program you’ll attend. Now read the guidelines on page 17 first.

A sample notice: Notice Talks in October I am very glad to inform you that there are five talks to be held next month. The topics of them, respectively, are Fire prevention, Outer space, School life in the USA, Fighting AIDS, and Australian pop songs. The places, the time and the speakers of the talks are as follows: Fire prevention: by a fireman; in Room 503, Building 3; at 2.15 p.m. on 11th Oct. School life in the USA: by a USA student; in Room 404, Building 1; at 3 p.m. on 13th Oct. Outer space: by a famous scientist; in Room 105, Building 2; at 8 a.m. on 19th Oct.

Fighting AIDS: by a doctor; in Room 306, Building 4; at 2.30 p.m. on 21st Oct. Australian pop songs: by a famous singer; in Room 303, Building 4; at 10 a.m. on 29th Oct.

Thank you for your kind attention. Li Mingming Step IV


Ask the students to write a note.

T: When we give someone information and the person may not be present, you can

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write a note. The note will help the person remember to do something. Next please read the instructions on page 93 and then write a note.

A sample note: Dear Mickey, It’s a pity that you are out when I come to visit you. But it doesn’t matter. I invite you to pay a visit to me at our school. Here I leave you a note with our school map. When you walk through the school gate into the campus, you can see two paths on the two sides of the playground. Take the path on the left and you will pass by gym, library and teachers’ office. Seeing a beautiful river, you should cross the bridge over it. Then turn left and walk about 300 meters, you will reach Dorm 1, where I live. That’s it.

Wang Jun

Step V

Homework 1. Write a notice based on the following information 由于学校要举行运动会,原定于11月5日举行的期中考试将改在11月20日。


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