Reading and vocabulary教学创新设计

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Reading comprehension





Teaching objectives 1)

Train students’ reading skills as well as enlarge their vocabulary. 2)

Individual work and group work to get every student to participate in class. Teaching important points: 1)

Encourage students to memorize important words and phrases based on context. 2)

Students learn to analyze a passage by cooperation. Teaching difficult points: 1)

Lead students to participate in class actively. 2)

Arouse students’ interest in memorizing new words. Teaching tools: The multimedia and a blackboard Teaching procedure: Step 1 Lead-in: The teacher uses a simple question to arouse students’ interest and curiosity to learn. Step 2 The teacher introduces important words and phrases in the passage in advance and ask students to memorize as many words as they can. Step 3 Students read the passages by themselves. Step4 Students check their answers with each other and generalize the main features of the four types of questions by themselves. Step 4 The teacher sheds some light on the features and help them consolidate their new acquired vocabulary. Step 5 Homework

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