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Book4 Module4

Great Sientists Reading and Vocabulary

Teaching aims:


To learn about Yuan Longping and his achievements 2.

To practice fast reading skills: scanning, skimming, etc.


Revise words and expressions in this module

Importance and difficulty: develop good reading habit and reading competence

Teaching methods : group work ,discussing ,etc Teaching tools: blacking board and PPT Teaching Steps: 1. Preview

Let Ss review the words of this module in groups; Let Ss preview the text and the background knowledge. Complete the following practice about Yuan Longpin according to the text.

Name: ________________ Nationality(国籍): _____________ Major(主修): _______________ Inventions /Discoveries: ________________ When did he invent/discover:_______________

What did he do? (match the best answer) As a boy, As a college student,

As a teacher, In 1966, In 1970,

2. Check the answers in the class by using PPT.

1. he studied agriculture . 2. he was given the nickname. 3.the results of his experiments were published. 4.a naturally sterile male rice plant was discovered. 5. he began experiments in crop breeding.

3. Read the passage on page 39 and complete the following practice in groups. Para1-4:

(True or false questions) 1.

China is the world’s largest rice producer. 2.

Only many Asian countries are rice grown places in the world. 3. Yuan developed a new kind of rice which could give a higher yield. 4. The government didn't help him in his research. 5.Many rice fields replaced growing vegetables and other cash crops.

Para5-6 ( choose the best answers.) 1.The last two paragraphs mainly talk about_____. A. China’s agriculture development

B. Yuan Longping’s elderly life

C. foreign countries’

agriculture revolution

D. Yuan Longping’s contributions to China and the world

2. What is the most important crop in Pakistan? A. Wheat.

B. Rice C. Bean

D. Vegetables 3.What is the advantage of Yuan’s discoery? A. Chinese rice production rose to 45.7 percent B. Many rice fields were converted to growing vegetables and other cash crops C Both A & B D.It is not mentioned in the text. 4. Fill in the blanks according to the passage and then show answers on the blackboard by groups.

In a hungry world rice is a 1. s________ food and China is the world’s largest producer. Yuan Longping is a leading 2.f________ in the rice-growing world. He was born and 3.__________(bring) in China. From an early age he was4.________

(interest) in plants. As a young teacher he began experiments in crop breeding. He thought that the key to 5._______ (feed) people was to have more rice and to produce

it more quickly. He found that the special type of rice plant had to be 6. _______ (female). In 1970, a naturally sterile male rice plant 7. _________ (discover). The research was supported 8. _______ the government. As a result of Yuan Longping’s discoveries Chinese rice production rose9. ______ 47.5%. Yuan’s rice was 10. _______ (import) to other countries. 5. Teacher checks the answers and summarizes the important knowledge of the passage.

6. Let the Ss do further reading to consolidate their reading skills.

7. Show some photos of great scientists on PPT and let Ss guess who they are .

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