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A Fantasy Story

By Chen Li Activity 1:What is fantasy ?(An introduction) Activity 2: Introduce new vocabulary







put a spell on (someone)







go to war with sb

take revenge






Activity 3: Students make up a story based on the pictures given. Activity 4:Put the sentences in the correct order.The first sentence is done for you. A.

Before he leaves for the war, Argon asks his handsome son, Ferdinand, to revenge if he gets killed.(

B. The king takes the woman to his palace and marries her, not knowing that she is a wicked Witch.(

C. Argon, the king’s brother, who rules a nearby kingdom, goes to war with the witch. (

D. A beautiful woman comes out and the king falls in love with her.(

E. A king goes out hunting and comes to a cottage. (1)

F. The witch wins the war and kills Argon and all his army. (

G. A frog jumps put of a pool and tells Ferdinand that he can help him kill the witch. (

H. The witch puts a spell on the king and becomes the ruler of the land.(

Activity 5: Listen to the passage and choose the correct answer. 1. What kind of book is His Dark Materials? A adventure

B fantasy

C thriller 2.Who does the king marry? A. a kind


B. a clever


C.a wicked woman 3. What happens to the king? A

The witch puts a spell on him

B The witch kills him

C His brother kills him 4.Who will take revenge on the witch? A. The King's brother

B. The King's son

C.The King's nephew Activity 6 Answer the questions about the story. 1. What

does the girl say about His Dark Materials?

It is a (

)book. 2. What does the girl say it is easy to do?

To invent

a (

) story. 3.When does the witch

put a spell on




he is (

) 4.




in the land

have to do?

5.When does Argon ask his son to revenge him?


) leaving his kingdom. 6.Why does Ferdinand feel terrible? Because his father and most of his army are (

) 7.What does Ferdinand decide to do?

He decides he’ll have

to (

) the witch(



What does

the frog say to Ferdinand? Activity 7: Listen and fill in the blanks Girl: I've just finished reading a book. Boy: What's it called? Girl: Well, actually it's a (

). It's called His Dark Materials.

Boy: Oh yes, isn't it (

) literature? Girl: Yes, it is. It


) in several different worlds and it's really exciting! I love fantasy literature. One day I might try and write a fantasy novel.

. Boy: You're (

) ! Girl: No, I'm not. I think it's very easy to(

)fantasy stories. Boy: No, it isn't. Girl: Yes, it is. I could tell one right now. Boy: Go on then! Girl: OK. Um ... Give me a moment ... A king goes (

)and comes to a (


. A beautiful woman comes out and on seeing her, the king immediately


)her. But he doesn't know that she's a witch—a very (


Now you continue. Boy: Me? Girl: Yes, go on, it's easy. Boy: OK ... So the king takes the woman back to his (

) and he marries her, not knowing who she really is. While he's sleeping, the witch



him and everyone in the palace, so that they don't


). Girl: Well done! See what I mean, it's easy. OK, I'll go on. The witch puts a spell on all the king's advisers and becomes the (

) of the land. She controls all the


)with her magic powers, and everyone in the land has to bring her half of everything they have. Activity 7.Retell the story with the help of the clue words

Activity 5:

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