Lesson 16 Li Ming’s S…教学设计第二课时

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Book 8

Lesson 16

Li Ming’s Summer Holiday




What will you do for the summer holiday? I will... 3、学生在交流暑假活动中激发毕业情怀,感恩老师同学,期待新生活的开始。


学生能够在情境中运用:What will you do for the summer holiday? I will...进行交流。


I will...与He will...,You will...的转换表达。




Class opening and review. 1.

Greeting and leading-in. T: How’s the weather today?

Ss: It’s sunny.

T:How do you feel? Ss: I feel hot. T: Yes, me too! Because ... Ss: Summer is coming! T: In summer, we have a long holiday. That is ... We have so many things to do in summer holiday.


(Show the picture of Jenny on PPT)

T: What will Jenny do for the summmer holiday? Ss:She will ... (Show the picture of Li Ming on PPT)


T:What about Li Ming’s summer holiday? You can guess. Ss: I think ... New concepts. 1.

Listen and tick. T:Jenny wants to know Li Ming’s summer holiday plan. How does she ask?

Ss:What will you do for the summer holiday? (put the picture of Jenny on the blackboard,write the question beside Jenny)

T: Now let’s listen and tick what Li Ming will do.

Listen and tick. What will I do for the summer holiday?


) (

) (

) (

) (

) (


T:(put the picture of Li Ming on the blackboard)Let’s check the answers. Now you are Li Ming. What will you do for the summer holiday? Ss: I will ...


Let’s learn.

The teacher leads to talk about and learn the text picture by picture.

I will fly home. T: Can Li Ming fly? Ss:No, he can’t.

T: How does he go home? Can you say it in another way? Ss: I will go home by plane. T: Li Ming is in Canada now. He will fly home. Then he will be in ... Ss: China. Ask volunteers to read the part for flying home.

I will say hello to my mother and father.

T: why does he say hello to his mother and father?

Ss: He had a long trip.

He missed them very much. T: Yes, we often say hello after a long trip and when we meet a new friend at the first time. Do you say hello first?

Ss: Yes, I always say hello to my new friend.

T: That’s very good.

Ask to read.

I will visit my aunt and uncle.

I will play with my cousin,Jing. T:

“visit”means go to see somebody. (ask to say follow and lead to spell with the sound)After a long trip,who will you want to visit?

Ss: I will visit...

( Ask to read.)

I will meet my friends.

I will play ping-pong with them. T: And we really miss our friends. So we will meet them. After a long time no see. Will you meet your friends? What will you do? Ss: I will...

We will... ( Ask to read.) 3.

Listen, watch and follow. Listen to the vcd and read in roles. 4.

Retell the dialogue with the help of the pictues and key words. T: Look at the blackboard, please. Now I’m Jenny. Who wants to be Li Ming? Let’s look at he pictures and the key words to talk about Li Ming’s summer

holiday. T: (with the picture of Jenny)What will you do for the summer holiday? S:(with the picture of Li Ming) I will... 5.

Let’s play! The teacher shows some places on the PPT. The students play a guessing game in groups. S1:(choose one place)I will go to the ...

What will I do? Ss:You will ... Show the game in front of the class. 6.

Retell what Li Ming will do for the summer holiday. T:(with the help of the picture of Li Ming) Now Li Ming wangs you to say his summer holiday. How does he ask? Ss:What will I do for the summer holiday? T: Let’s tell him. Ss: You will... T: Well done. Now let’s talk about Li Ming’s summer holiday. How do I ask you? Ss: What will Li Ming do for the summer holiday? T: Can you tell me? Ss: He will...

Lead to talk in groups and show. After that finish the Part 3 in the student book. Check the answer. Class closing 1.

Group work. What will you do for the summer holiday? 2.

Homework: Write your summer holiday plan.

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